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Company Profile

Company Profile

Classic form combined with modern versatility

Geo Cloud is a long established family business that has been in existence since 1937. Our core business has been ergonomic chair design and manufacturing to provide the best possible support. An exciting new era has now dawned for Geo Cloud. We have broadened our core offering to include a wider range of innovative desk and workstation configurations. Perfect form and function, designed for maximum comfort and ergonomic support. Geo Cloud creates contemporary office and home work spaces with flexible, efficient seating and desking solutions that are distinct, distinguished and comfortable.

Contemporary <br /> versatile design

versatile design

Freedom of movement and ultimate comfort

Our main objective is to provide productive work areas for high performance corporate environments. Our modern desking ranges are versatile and adaptable, and can be customised to suit specific space and utilisation requirements. Modern living and working environments demand harmonious interiors and quality surroundings for commercial, industrial and home offices. There is an increasing awareness worldwide of the importance of productive surroundings for our physical and mental wellbeing.

Complete Office <br /> Furniture Solutions

Complete Office
Furniture Solutions

Stylish yet functional

At Geo Cloud we focus on ergonomic seating and desking with optimum comfort and support, without compromising on mobility and efficiency. Whatever your requirements for holistic office and meeting areas, with our wide selection of international and local ranges you will always be sitting on a cloud, in front of a Geo Cloud desk. At Geo Cloud, we use Brado components in the manufacture of our desking and seating ranges, assuring you of high-end quality office solutions.